What is FluxFlap?

What Is FluxFlap? A MAGNETIC iPad Case with a removable Flap Cover that doubles as a stand. Using neodymium magnets to lock it into place, FluxFlap can be positioned in virtually any viewing angle, making it the most ergonomic and useful iPad case on Earth.

Perfect angle every time. Most iPad cases only offer a couple of different viewing angles, and they're usually not the angle that you need. Using high-powered rare earth magnets, FluxFlap can securely hold your iPad in nearly every angle, including angles less than 90°.

Small angles and privacy. With FluxFlap you can get extremely small angles when you need to, and the Flap stays firmly in place.  This position is great for blocking a glare from the sun, or a stare from a nosy neighbor.  

Unique angles. Can your iPad hold this angle? FluxFlap covers this and nearly every other angle you can think of. So no matter where you stand or lay, you can use your iPad comfortably.

Super sturdy. Most iPad cases simply prop the iPad against a rigid edge in order to offer a "stand" like position.  FluxFlap actually locks into position, making it very convenient for typing, paint apps, or just tapping away at your screen without your iPad collapsing out of place. 

Camera "tripod". FluxFlap doubles as a sturdy tripod and transforms your iPad into a studio, ideal for taking your eBay and Etsy pics, family portraits, or simply FaceTime-ing your BFFs. 

Counter top. Most iPad cases only have anywhere from 1 to 3 total viewing angles. Problem is, humans range in height from 3 feet to over 7 feet tall! We think that an iPad case should be able to adjust based on a person's height in order to achieve the most ergonomic and comfortable usage. FluxFlap does just that.